Deck Railings – The accessory you need

The deck must be accompanied by the railings. A deck that does not have a railing may be unsafe. Not following deck railing codes can lead to harassment, especially in litigious societies like ours. You don’t have to take any chances when building deck railings. Sometimes we have a tendency to build deck railings lower than what is required by the building codes. This should not happen. Visit our website and learn more about best deck railing.

Code on Decks & Railings

Different building codes apply to different states. However, most agree that fall protection is required for decks greater than 3 feet from the nearest horizontal surface. Walls, not necessarily brick-and mortar walls, but wood, PVC, or wooden walls, are acceptable. However, they should be avoided as they can block the view and have a heavier weight than the deck railing.

Choose from a variety of deck railing options

Safety is the primary reason for deck railings, but deck railings provide elegance that enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal. Multicolored railings can be used to give a building a unique look. Aluminum, PVC, or wood are all options. But, it is rare to use them together.

Railings Required

These are the most important points to keep in mind when installing the railing.

1. Height of railings: According to the code applicable to your material, the height of your railings must be at least 6 inches high. The code of your city, or state, may indicate the height requirement. In general, the height must not be lower than 30 inches

2. Construction of the railings. The posts would be placed at certain locations according to the local building code. The strength and durability of the material will affect the design. A deck railing will have a vertical, top and bottom rail. You should space the verticals so that a child cannot slip between them. For aesthetics and to keep costs low, a bottom rail is useful. Otherwise, a vertical will need to be attached to the ground. The top rail may only be one of two at a distance between 6 and 6. You can have two railings, which gives you extra strength. Also, the lower rail makes it easy to attach the verticals.