Sometimes, gift-giving can feel like walking blindly through an obstacle course.

The more you know someone the harder it will be. They will likely have received many birthdays, Christmases, and other unique gifts store throughout their life.

Avoid giving the same thing that you gave years ago. So, how can you choose a unique gift? One that will be appreciated.

These ideas will help you get going.

1. Connect your gift to a past hobby or passion in a creative and unique way

Do you have a friend who is always singing? Instead of taking them out for a night at the nearest karaoke joint, why do you not offer them a recording artist experience, which allows them the opportunity to become a pop singer for the day.

Or if the person you’re thinking of is more interested in playing the occasional practical joke, than doing something that’s been done so many time before, like setting their alarm clock back two hours earlier or glueing their chair at work with extra strength.

A fake newspaper front page can be produced that looks absolutely convincing and is guaranteed to make you smile.

2. Choose a gift that matches one of their personality traits

Are you looking to find something that will appeal to the highly competitive person who wants to win everything? You are familiar with the type. If they lose, they quit playing. They might be interested in joining an assault course. They can face the obstacles and mud as they do the other competitors.

Maybe the person has been cited for speeding and likes to drive a lot. This person might be interested in driving a sports car that is high-powered and safe.

3. Make sure you choose something that fulfills your expressed desires

If the person is willing to give subtle or not so subtle clues, then it’s possible to get them what they want.

For example, if you’re buying a present for a woman with a favorite scent, don’t simply go to the nearest departmental store and get another one. If she is looking for a unique gift, let her make her scent.

4. Give yourself a treat!

Some people are truly champions. These people care deeply about others and don’t forget their own needs. You might consider giving them a gift that is only a treat? This will help you to express your appreciation. This is a great way for them to express their gratitude.

Maybe a soothing aromatherapy massage will help you get rid of all the stresses in your day. For chocolate lovers, there is an opportunity to make their very own selection box.

These tips can help you select a unique gift that isn’t just like the rest, but that goes above and beyond to let the recipient know how special they are.