I will show you the best place to find moldavite. On some online marketplaces, it is easy to see that the supply of moldavites can be very attractive. Attractive prices are offered by dealers who sell faceted and raw mouldavites. There are usually many moldavite jewelerly. However, there is a problem. Many of the Moldavite Stones and Collections For Sale available are made out of green glass.

Which markets are I talking

Alibaba, AliExpress and DHGate are the largest Chinese marketplaces and stores. Many of the moldavites on those websites are fake. More dishonest dealers are attracted by the promise of more money. They purchase these products and sell them on other online marketplaces or their e-shops. They claim the moldavites exist.

Stone can be bought in its natural beauty either as a rough, amorphous or cut stone. According to some, faceted moldavites may have an increased energy because of the cutting process. If cut into geometric shapes, it can act as a kind of laser. Again, it all depends upon you and your intentions as well as how the energy from the stone blends into your own. Whatever shape or type you prefer, it will work for you and produce the results that you need. As with all things, listen to your gut instincts and follow your heart. Higher prices don’t denote personal fulfillment.