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Knowing the many difficulties and bottlenecks sellers face selling on Amazon, there is nothing better than having someone to help you.

So you have been selling on Amazon. All appears to be going smoothly until suddenly the seller app sends you a notification that “your selling privileges are being removed”.

Like many FBA seller, you might feel panic at the possibility that your income, or even a large portion, will suddenly disappear.

Amazon sellers have a tendency to make account suspensions a big topic. It is not uncommon for accounts being suspended without much transparency. And the process to reinstate them can be long and complicated. Amazon changes their policies often, or the way they use them, so it’s not uncommon for innocent sellers to have their accounts suspended.

These are some things to remember if you’ve been sent that dreaded notification.

Why do Amazon sellers sell on Amazon?

Amazon suspends seller-accounts for three main reasons

Your performance isn’t up to the mark. This could be in the form of complaints, returns or slow responses to customers.

Selling a restricted products

It is a violation of Amazon’s policies. As strange as it sounds, there are many possibilities. Common examples include “sold items not as described,” or “sold new or authentic products.”

Intellectual property disputes are another reason why accounts may be suspended. Sometimes sellers complain about their accounts selling products and using branding that is their intellectual estate. If this happens, they can have the account suspended. Sellers must also be aware of Amazon’s strict policy that no seller should have more than one account.

Sellers were suspended after they used an IP or computer that Amazon associates for a suspended seller account.