The facade of a house usually includes a variety of elements and materials such as doors, windows or joints. You can see CSS Facades for more information.

Each of these materials exhibits a distinct behavior in the presence water. Some are permeable (absorb it), while others are completely waterproof. Other materials are only permeable water vapor.

The main effect of water on facades was mainly visible through stains and runoff. However, the most significant consequence of this is the degrading of interior housing.

Aside from the natural wear of materials, wall anomalies should generally be the following:

Movements within the structure
Inadequacy of maintenance
Deficiencies in construction
Specifications of the existing coating

Painting facades

It is essential that the façade of a house remains in good shape so that it can protect the house.

The quality of the interior can be compromised if the coating becomes damaged.

Hints & Tips

It is vital that the facades of a residence remain in good shape.
When facades begin to show signs of degrading, they must be repaired.
There are many factors that can affect the speed or slowness of degrading a house, such as its location and the materials used.
Materials that are in a rougher area will deteriorate more quickly. It is essential that the materials be of high quality.
The quality of the painted surface has a direct relationship to its degradation time.
Painting a facade should be done in good weather. It is best to avoid rainy days. We recommend that you only do this work between the months May and September depending on where the country is located (south/north).
You should not apply paint on hot supports that are exposed to sunlight. The paint will dry too quickly, which can lead to cracks.
It is not recommended that you apply paint at temperatures below 5°C or when relative humidity is greater than 80%.
High-quality paint is best used outdoors. This is a golden principle.
Low quality paint can cause wall damage if it is exposed to sunlight, rain, and other outdoor conditions.