When does a men’s ring become a woman’s ring again? When it comes to jewelry, there seems to be cross-fertilization. Unisex jewellery seems to have been allowed to follow the same pattern as clothing. It is possible to buy any kind of man’s gemstone, titanium or diamond-set gold rings. Men’s rings used to be limited to classic wedding rings. Visit our website and learn more about mens statement rings.

There are many different styles and shapes of men’s rings. There are many options for men’s rings, from the extravagant bling of MTV Generation to the sophisticated, elegant silver titanium rings. P Diddy, a pop star, has made diamond-encrusted jewellery very popular. Jewellery retailers have been unable to resist the temptation of celebrities and actors becoming billboards.

Accessorizing with men’s watches and rings is easy. Verdict has released new research that shows British men and women spend PS2.1billion annually on accessories. One-fifth of that amount is spent on jewelry and watches. For men, men’s rings are as important as a watch or a mobile phone. In India, young men seem more open to showing a feminine side. In India, major cities have seen a surge in sales for men’s rings and bracelets.

I asked men about their opinions on rings. I received a wide range of responses, from more casual, measured answers to opinions of causal indifference. “I’d like it look classy,” said another. When I asked another one about mens’ rings, he shuddered and said that it was like putting ten tonnes of weights on your fingers. This is not good for typing on your computer. But that’s okay. For some men, it may be a difficult choice between fashion and technology. Most urban metrosexuals are entertained by the idea of looking cool with a pair trendy jeans and an oversized t-shirt.