Forex trading has been a popular option for traders, but the current economic environment has led to many Forex beginners turning to the Forex platform. Forex stands for “FXCM Markets” and is an adrenaline-inducing currency trading platform that offers ordinary people the thrill of participating and the opportunity to make big bucks. It all began in the 1970’s, when floating currencies and no exchange rates were introduced.

Forex is the world’s largest currency market, with trades at as high as 2 trillion dollars per day. It is unique because it is not common for other markets to be this large. First, it is one of few markets that doesn’t require any special qualifications. Also, it is completely unmanipulable. This makes it ideal for Forex beginners. Forex transactions are so quick that any one investor can’t significantly affect the value of any major currency. Forex traders can always find buyers and sellers. Forex traders can open and close any position in seconds. This is unlike any stock that is seldom traded.

Forex beginners need to know that making profits is not as simple as it seems. Without the right expertise, the right tools, or the right guidance, they could end up with a huge financial hole. Many traders who start trading Forex have succumbed to the emotional side of the platform and began to chase their losses, resulting in a bigger financial hole. This article will give Forex beginners a solid foundation so that they can move up the Forex trading ladder and make money with Forex without falling for the many pitfalls along the way.