How proud were you when the new sofa you had chosen was delivered to your house after a laborious selection process? When faced with such circumstances, pride is always accompanied by the determination to protect your upholstery. But, this new look is likely to fade over time due to dust settling on the fabric. While it can be very heartbreaking, it is equally common for something to spill onto the fabric, leaving a darkened patch that is likely to make the fabric ugly and unattractive. This is where steam star carpet cleaning comes in.

It is unlikely that the new look will continue for long, but it is within your reach as a homeowner to regularly clean your upholstery, whether you hire a service provider or do it yourself. You can do the job yourself or hire a professional upholstery cleaning service. However, there are three things that are constant.

Vacuum Cleaning

Every upholstery cleaning process begins with vacuuming. This includes running the vacuum across the fabric, including cracks and crevices.

One day you might look at the couch or sofa and see that it is too old and tired. This could be because the couch has accumulated dust from children, pets, and other guests over the past few days. Vacuuming is used to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair without having the fabric wet.


Spot cleaning is essential because your upholstery is the catch basin for many spills and droppings.

A handy tip is to immediately wipe any spillage with a piece of white cloth. This will help absorb the liquid before it soaks into upholstery. It is common to mistakenly rub the stain using a moist cloth. This not only will spread it but also makes it more visible in the upholstery’s fabric.

Blotting is an important component of upholstery cleaning. By limiting the stain area to which it can be treated or removed by professionals, it makes it easier for the home owner to clean it.

Identifying Cleaning Product for Upholstery Cleaning

Two factors are important in choosing the right cleaning agent.

The most important step of upholstery cleaning is decoding its fabric. Every fabric type is different. They could be made from cotton, wool, silk or acrylic. Each material needs to handled differently. One example is that the cleaning agent and the technique you use to clean leather upholstery will be different.

Most reliable and reputable upholstery cleaning companies will be able to tell the difference between fabrics because of their experience and expertise. The homeowner, however, may not have the same knowledge and should be aware of this information before taking any steps. The tags that are attached to upholstery fabrics can provide valuable information and should be used as a guideline by home owners.

Stain Removing

The stain’s type is another important factor that influences the choice of cleaning agent. Similar to upholstery, stains can come in many forms and are classified based on where they came from. Each one will require a different kind of cleaning agent so it is up to you, whether you are a professional or a home owner, to figure out how to best clean it.

The cleaning agent must be effective in removing dirt particles and grime from between fibers. It should also not have a negative effect on the environment.

Important Don’ts & Do’s of Upholstery Clean

As the direct sun can cause fading and discoloration to upholstery, avoid it as much as possible.

* Candles should be kept away from upholstery. This prevents wax from getting onto the fabric.

Protective spraying of your upholstery would allow you to keep it looking clean and fresh. It also protects your upholstery against stains.

* Avoid using too much water for upholstery cleaning. It could cause the fabric to become wet for an extended period of time and lead to it becoming more susceptible to mold and microbes.

* To ensure a quick drying process, fans should be turned on and windows opened.


It all depends on how often you vacuum your upholstery. We recommend you follow a consistent schedule. Even though weekly vacuuming can be effective, it is not able to remove the dirt and grime from the fibers. Deep cleaning can not only keep your upholstery clean but will also prolong its useful life.

You can also choose the type of cleaner you want. Although chemicals are effective, they can release toxic fumes to the lungs that could cause serious health problems.

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